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Episode 35: Mini Edition

Imad Khan September 22, 2020

There wasn’t a ton of esports news last week, so Imad went solo to give a mini breakdown on what stories slipped through. The US Treasury Committee on Foreign Investment is asking gaming companies, including Riot and Epic, to give details on how its keeping American data safe from Tencent […]

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Episode 33: Banned in India ft. Rishi Alwani

Imad Khan September 8, 2020

PUBG Mobile has been banned in India following increased tensions between India and China on the border. This has thrown the esports industry in flux, as players feel lost and teams are considering leaving the region. Rishi Alwani of The Mako Reactor jumps on the show to break everything down. […]

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Episode 29: Trump’s Tencent Ban, League of Legends, and American capitalism reckoning with china

Imad Khan August 11, 2020

The differing philosophies between the Chinese Communist Party and America were going to butt heads eventually. Who would have guessed that League of Legends would be caught in the scuffle. Last week President Trump announced via executive order that ByteDance’s WeChat and Tencent’s TikTok would be facing the ban hammer […]