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Episode 47: Slow Week, Mini Update Edition

Imad Khan January 10, 2021 26

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What’s up everybody. This is FTW with Imad Khan. I’m your host Imad Khan. It was a slow week in esports. But I’m here to give you an update on what’s been going on expect a full episode next week. This past weekend, Travis “samox” Beauchamp premiered the first three parts of his new documentary, Metagame, a follow up to the 2013 doc The Smash Brothers. His first documentary series has been credited in reviving the competitive scene and bringing on a wave of new younger talent. Unfortunately, to have Melee’s top stars Cloud9’s Joseph “mango” Marquez, and TSM’s William “leffen” Hjelte are not happy with how they were portrayed in the doc. Per a report by Anders Aquino of, “the documentary focuses on a particular instance involving a beef between lepen and former pro Nick “Rocky” Lindholm, who allegedly received verbal abuse from leffen due to a hearing condition he suffers escalating to a point where the series via interviews from community members such as Mike Hagar and Rocky himself, portrays hilty as a bigot that routinely mocked disabled and mentally unstable people without any nuance.” On his Twitch stream, Hjelte stated “the documentary literally makes it seem like I’m effing an awful human being, but I can play smash.” According to Hjelte, he claims he was only interviewed once for the documentary during a tournament. That interview lasted 10 minutes and there were no follow ups. As for Marquez, he was portrayed as a “tormentor that likes drinking as much as melee with bow champ going as far as including a quick clip of Marquez using a homophobic slur during his early 20s,” according to Aquino. Marquez dismissed his past comments as immaturity from his younger years, and that nobody is an angel. Beauchamp responded to the criticism on Twitter stating that he would make further edits to the documentary and feels the lack of context was unfair. “I wanted to let you know that I’ve been listening to the complaints and I hear you before it goes up on Vimeo, I’ll be curtailing that section where Mango uses the old gamer language. I’ll also be removing the sections with specific TSM Leffen dot zip allegations. US senator from North Carolina, Thom Tillis released the full text of his bill titled The protecting lawful streaming act. Per A report by James fudge of The Esports Observer, the bill does not aim to go after small content creators but rather large scale for-profit streaming services that are “criminal enterprises.” The bill also went on to say “individuals who might use pirate streaming services will not be affected.” With the shift in streaming entertainment the bill aims to go after illicit streaming services that illegally distribute copyrighted material. Journalist and commentator Rod “slasher” Breslau vented on Twitter against the bill however, linking entertainment companies that have donated to Tillis. Breslau claimed that Tillis wants to make streaming of copyrighted material on Twitch and YouTube a felony. As to how this bill might be interpreted in the courts remains to be seen. Next week’s episode will feature entertainment and IP attorney Noah Downs to discuss this further. Lastly, on Monday, Riot Games announced two major changes to the LCS effectively removing the Spring Split. LCS will now feature a season long format with competition in both the spring and summer determining seeding for the new LCS championship. And that was FTW with Imad Khan. If you like the show, please rate subscribe and share. Full transcripts can be found at If you’d like to follow me and my work over at the New York Times, the Washington Post and elsewhere, find me at @imad on Twitter. And Ron Lyons is our audio producer. See you guys next week for a full episode.

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