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Episode 35: Mini Edition

Imad Khan September 22, 2020 23

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There wasn’t a ton of esports news last week, so Imad went solo to give a mini breakdown on what stories slipped through.

The US Treasury Committee on Foreign Investment is asking gaming companies, including Riot and Epic, to give details on how its keeping American data safe from Tencent and China. Riot is wholly owned by Tencent while Epic is owned 40%. Worlds in Shanghai will have a limited audience. And PUBG Mobile might have found a lifeline to get back into India.



Imad Khan  00:02

What’s up everybody? This is FTW with Imad Khan. I’m your host Imad Khan. And thank you for joining me on this mini edition. There wasn’t a ton of esports news last week, so I’ll quickly hit some bits of news and expect a full show next week. With that, let’s jump into it.

Imad Khan  00:17

According to Bloomberg, the US Treasury committee of foreign investment is asking gaming companies including Riot Games and Epic to provide information on how it keeps American data safe given its ties to Tencent holdings, a Chinese mega conglomerate. Riot Games developers behind League of Legends and valorant is totally owned by Tencent while Epic Games which is behind Fortnite and now Rocket League is owned 40% by Tencent. Already the Trump administration has been going after China and its ongoing trade disputes. This is pulled in TikTok, which is owned by Chinese company bytedance. TikTok was facing a ban here in the US, but it seems to be put on pause and now that Oracle has acquired its us operations. But Republican senators still feel the deal leaves too much on the table for China to access American data. how this might fare for League of Legends and Fortnite remains to be seen. But with a presidential election, possibly forcing a shift in the administration. It could mean that much of this bravado will be tempered under Biden.

Imad Khan  01:11

Tyler Esguerra from Dot Esports reports that Riot will have a limited audience at Worlds in Shanghai. It’s a surprise move as baseball and basketball have not allowed fans. While the NBA is in a complete bubble in Florida and has prevented any kind of COVID outbreak. The MLB has already seen some COVID transmission among its players. John Needham, head of Esports arrived said quote, “we’ll see where we are when we get there. We have a few weeks yet to monitor health and safety at the event. And I think we’re going to be fine. And we’ll have a small audience in the stadium but we’ll see it’s got to be safe.” At the moment his transmission rates of the coronavirus are far lower in China than in the United States. While the US is now reporting 200,000 deaths China’s fatality rate is said to be 4,634.

Imad Khan  01:54

With PUBG Mobile still banned in India during the ongoing political tensions with China, it seems that company Reliance Jio is in talks to take over publishing rights. Reliance Jio is a fiber internet company based in Mumbai. Tencent. The current publishers of PUBG Mobile contend that all of its servers aren’t India and that it complies with Indian law, still their concern for the Modi regime.

Imad Khan  02:15

And that was it. Thanks for joining me on this mini episode of FTW with Imad Khan. If you like the show, please rate subscribe and share. To see full transcripts head on over to ftwimad.com to follow me in my writing or read the New York Times The Washington Post and elsewhere follow me on twitter @imad. Annie Pei our producer if you have any questions or would like to be our fan of the week, messenger at Pei_Annie on Twitter. Joe Domeq is our Outreach Manager and Ron Lyons as our researcher. With that. We’ll catch you guys next week.

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